A contract research organisation focusing on pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics, using an integrated approach based on in vitro and in silico methods.


We interpret and elaborate scientific results for a better understanding of drug or chemical distribution and toxicity.

Mathematical modelling

Physiologically and population based models to simulate drug and compound distribution. Such as simulation of clinical trials, prediction of blood levels following environmental exposure, evaluation of formulation and dosing strategies to improve drug delivery.

Molecular and cellular PK/TK

We offer a broad range of experimental methods to investigate compound absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination. Additionally we have in vitro and ex vivo methods to study the toxicity and biocompatibility of conventional and nanoformulated biomedical products.

Highly specialised

We are a unique group integrating state-of-the-art experimental and computational approaches to predict pharmacokinetic models


Our team has developed and validated several innovative experimental and modelling techniques to characterise compound distribution, predict pharmacokinetics and simulate clinical scenarios.


We work with a diverse range of organisations from international research centres, regulatory agencies and foundations to SMEs and pharmaceutical companies.

Proven impact

Our work has contributed to the clarification of compound distribution, informed several clinical trials and contributed to international guidelines.


We offer various modelling approaches to simulate a range of scenarios and can use both physiologically based and population based pharmacokinetic models to replicate relevant biological processes.


We are committed to assist our clients in the design and optimisation of studies offering a tailored programme of support for the development process or define follow-up studies.